Credit scores for emerging markets

First Access turns data into financial opportunity for everyone. Our software enables lending institutions to take advantage of patterns in their data to evaluate the risk of both new and repeat customers, streamlining underwriting operations and dramatically reducing costs.

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Automated credit scoring can improve profit margins and increase financial inclusion for:

- Retail commercial banks

- Microfinance institutions

- Insurance companies

- Agricultural input suppliers

- Distributed energy suppliers

- Business payment platforms

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First Access credit scoring is a radical evolution in access to finance for the next 2.5 billion people, patent-pending across the developing world.


Can reduce customer acquisition time while maintaining portfolio quality.


Accessible on any internet-connected device.


Concrete, practical scores your loan officers can use right now.


Scores pay for themselves quickly through cost savings.

Who We Are

First Access was founded by microfinance veterans who wanted to enable financial service providers in informal markets to act on data, so that more capital can be deployed at a lower cost. We've built a world-class team to deliver analytics in a user-friendly app for low-tech environments.

Consumer Protection

Understanding full disclosure and informed consent is more important than ever for big data businesses in emerging markets. We have conducted groundbreaking research in partnership with the World Bank’s Consultative Group to Assist the Poor (CGAP) on data privacy and consumer protection in the context of low literacy, and we've designed our service around these insights. First Access gets real-time permission in the local language from mobile subscribers before accessing mobile records, does not share information between financial institutions, and engages closely with communications and financial regulators.

Smart Data

First Access turns big data into smart data, separating the signal from the noise and delivering simple, reliable information that businesses can act on. Our data analytics team builds cutting edge models that turn your data into insight about your customers, and have been used for business, agriculture, housing and energy finance.

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