First Access Analytics Platform

The 4th-generation First Access Analytics Platform has been specifically designed for the needs of emerging market lending institutions. Start build a data driven lending business today and gain unprecedented insight into your customers, business, market! 

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Lenders in developing economies build strong relationships with customers, but most of their data remains in loan officers' heads and on paper. This data is the richest source of insight for the future of your business, but remains untapped. Digitizing your processes, beginning with customer acquisition, generates insights about your market, your staff, your policies and products. 

digital transformation, step by step

The First Access platform empowers lending institutions to start simple and evolve over time. Institutions begin by digitizing their loan appraisal process, standardizing loan eligibility criteria, and enforcing Data Best Practices. This empowers institutions to collect a robust set of digital data and build the foundation for predictive analytics, business intelligence, and market insights delivered through the platform. Works alongside any core banking software. Works on Android. Works offline. 

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