The Microfinance Club of New York (MFCNY) and Deutsche Bank featured the Microfinance CEOs Working Group this week, giving Mahmoud Asad of Deutsche Bank, Mary Ellen Iskendarian of Women’s World Banking, Rupert Scofield of FINCA, Rosario Perez of ProMujer and Michael Schlein of ACCION a chance to share their progress and goals with a wider audience, and giving us a chance to ask a few questions about where they’re headed. Lots of great discussion on the future of microfinance, the damage caused by “over-hype” in the industry, consumer protection, transparency, new technology, and more. Thank you all for taking a moment to hear about First Access and we look forward to learning more about your collaboration as it evolves.

[Photo credit: Deutsche Bank. Several members of the group pictured above were unable to attend.]