First Access featured at Princeton University’s Engineers Without Borders Conference

On October 12, Nicole Stubbs, Co-Founder & CEO of First Access, spoke at Princeton University’s Collective Motion: Engineers Without Borders Conference on Innovating for the Bottom of the Pyramid. Nicole presented the history of microfinance, innovations developed by First Access, the opportunities and challenges presented by microfinance regulations around the world, business models that piggyback on microfinance to bring goods and services to impoverished people, and brilliantly simple inventions to address problems in the Bottom of the Pyramid. Some of our favorites include WorldBike’s bicycles that haul cargo, people and trashMohammad Bah Abbah’s Pot-in-Pot refrigeratorVestergaard Frandsen’s LifeStraw water filterQ Drum’s rolling water jugEmbrace Innovations’ infant incubator,Sanergy’s biogas and fertilizer producing system of sanitation centers in Nairobi slums, and the Kinkajou LED microfilm projector and library from Design That Matters.