Smart credit profiling, scoring, and monitoring - where and when you need them

Use our groundbreaking platform to credit score anyone. Mine customer data, understand the patterns that lead to success, and configure a custom algorithm that will enable your staff to make smarter, faster credit decisions. Gone are the days of static expert scorecards and dusty credit manuals: customizable algorithms have arrived. Your data, your goals, and your process – accessible, enforceable, and auditable through our web interface or API. 



Financial institutions use the First Access platform to achieve unparalleled control over their risk appetite, managing portfolio growth and quality like never before. Insights about customers and staff enable them to spend time where it counts – acquiring low-risk customers quickly and allocating diligence time more efficiently. Financial institutions focused on control use First Access to automate large numbers of their credit decisions while maintaining their desired portfolio quality, improving their cost structures to enable faster customer acquisition, and freeing up resources for growth and innovation.



Ready to take the next step? As your customer base adopts more digital products and services, new information can help you better understand the evolving market. Financial institutions using First Access to innovate are designing new customer acquisition processes by combining their own data with external sources and derived data through customized algorithms. Use our platform to sharpen your competitive edge with next generation underwriting and data collection channels, regardless of core banking software.

We understand your world

First Access brings together decades of industry expertise in microfinance, financial analysis, and technology. We understand the challenges of reaching first-time customers in emerging markets because of our microfinance experience across Africa, Latin America, and Asia. Our team knows what it takes to be successful in today's data driven marketplace, and our platform is uniquely capable of helping you get there faster.

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